London burns – Stop Cuts Demo

300 – 500 thousand people marched through central London on March 26th. The demonstrators protested against government austerity measures which force the bulk of the population, and especially public sector workers, to pay for the economic crisis which erupted out of the banking sector two years ago. Most of the demonstrators – trade unionists, families, and people against the austerity measures – took part in the officially-sanctioned TUC demonstration that made its way from Embankment to Hyde Park. In addition, many groups signaled their willingness to do more than march, with protest actions being called for by multiple groups. Fast-moving direct action groups moved through London’s West End, the high-class shopping district. They spent some time smashing in windows and paintbombing symbolic buildings. Others did non-violent sit-ins at corporate targets which have been identified as tax-dodgers or in some way responsible for the economic crisis. Fortnum and Mason was occupied by protestors in a UKuncut action that followed the closure and occupation of multiple shops and banks in Oxford Street. 149 people were arrested following the occupation. The day ended with a stand off and kettle in Trafalgar Sq after hundreds of of riot police attacked the crowd that was partying in the square. The total number of arrests for the day stands at 202.

Indymedia London

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